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  • Packing for Lunchtime

    Packing a healthy lunch that you know your child will enjoy can be difficult.  You want to make sure that your child eats to avoid an empty stomach meltdown and ensure energy for playing and learning all day.  Here are some ideas to help you put that lunch together…

    Along with your fruit and veggie option, try these ideas:

    • Slice of pizza
    • Ham or turkey rolled up with cheese and wheat crackers on the side
    • Whole grain bagel with light cream cheese
    • Soup and crackers
    • Salad with grilled chicken
    • Tuna sandwich with cheese
    • Mac and cheese with diced hot dog
    • Rice with chicken nuggets or fish sticks
    • Pasta with meatballs
    • Chili with multigrain Tostitos
    • Raisin toast with jelly and light cream cheese
    • Whole-wheat pita bread with hummus
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Pasta salad
    • Veggie burger with melted or string cheese
    • Breakfast foods such as French toast with syrup or cereal with milk
    • Last night’s leftovers such as beef stew


    1. Precook food so that we can reheat it quickly in the microwave.
    2. Pack cold foods with an ice pack.
    3. Pack a napkin and utensils.
    4. Pack a drink.


    • Instead of packing a juice box, buy a sealable Sippy cup or thermos that you can fill with milk, water, or juice.
    • Reduce the calories and sugar content of the juice by filling half the cup with juice and half with water.  It’ll save money and be healthier.
    • Buy a 2 lb. container of vanilla Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has lots of protein and you can save money buying it in bulk and repacking it into Tupperware. Add granola or chocolate chips to make it more enticing.
    • Try adding a dipping sauce such as ranch for veggies, ketchup for nuggets, or mustard for deli meat.