Why TLG?

Owner/Director presence.  TLG has a capacity for only 44 students and is the only center we own.  Unlike many large commercial chains, this small-scale allows for the Owners and Director to give undivided attention and a deep and exclusive commitment to the center.  Raquel is able to spend hours - not just a few minutes - in each classroom, ensuring that teachers are practicing TLG’s philosophy every day and that she maintains a strong understanding of, and relationship with, each child.  TLG is committed to guaranteeing that parents have easy and direct access to both their child’s teacher and to the Director.

Feeling of home. Too many commercial centers wind up feeling institutional, cold, outdated, and cookie cutter.  TLG is going in the opposite direction; we want our center to feel home-like and inviting.  As examples of what we have done for our space think wood floors, warm/homey upholstery and furniture, teachers wearing regular clothes like mom would wear, and a natural playground that looks like your backyard.  

Cleanliness!  We know we can't strive to provide a safe environment without placing cleanliness at the top of the list.  All of our classrooms receive a professional after-hours cleaning every.single.night.   Our toys are also disinfected every single day.  We follow a strict cleaning schedule in order to minimize the risk of illness to the children in our care.

Love of the environment and the outdoors.  Our natural playground is almost double the size that we are required to have for 82 students.  That means we can include more natural elements than most places have room for.  We planted fruit trees, shade trees, and mini spruces and have a large garden in the warm months filled with vegetables that the children help tend to are welcome to eat and bring home!  We have many strollers includig a six-passenger stroller so that the teachers can take their classes out for walks near the Cove.  Our goal is to encourage the children to love being outside, have an appreciation for the environment, and be able to explore nature in a safe yet real-world setting.

Learning through play.  We believe that a child's only job is to play and through play a child will learn, build self-confidence, obtain new skills, and reach new milestones.  Our job is to create classroom centers - both indoors and outdoors - that are set up to include many types of play and learning.  Toys and books are rotated often to maintain interest and promote curiosity. Our goal is to give each child a love of learning through new adventures and experiences every day.