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Meet TLG's First Life is Good Playmakers!

Congratulations to our first group of Life is Good Playmakers!  From L-R, Allison (Toddlers), Melissa (Infants), Kat (Preschool), and Alyssa (Toddlers) recently attended an inspiring and action-packed weekend up in Boston to become certified through the Life is Good Foundation as a Playmaker.  The term “Playmaker" comes from sports and refers to someone who makes good things happen when their team needs them most.

Simply put, a Life is Good Playmaker is someone who spreads the power of optimism to children who desperately need it.  The initiative is based on the belief that in order to better care for the most vulnerable children, we must better support those who care for them.  These Retreats are specifically designed to help childcare professionals deepen their understanding of trauma-informed, playful engagement and build life-changing relationships with children in their care. Through a balance of presentations, experiential activities and group discussions, participants are also able to explore their own personal development and wellness so they can be the best version of themselves. TLG has taken a special interest in the Playmaker program as it is so closely intertwined with our philosophy and values:

  • We believe in spreading the power of optimism to help kids (and adults!) heal.

  • We believe that every child deserves to grow up feeling safe, loved and joyful.

  • We believe that supporting teachers is essential to improving the quality of care delivered to our children.

  • We believe that outstanding human services require outstanding humans.

This experience proved to be truly motivating, impactful, and educational for our pilot participants.  They've come back to their classrooms with tools that will allow them to better engage and connect with their students with an increased focus on positivity and understanding.  They've also come back with words like "fulfilling", "refreshed", "peaceful", "great energy", "laughs", and "goodify" (tell us more!) so we'd say the pilot was a success! Watch more about what it means to be a Playmaker by clicking here.

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