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The Learning Garden’s focus is to maintain a healthy, safe, nurturing environment. The center was designed as a warm and home-like setting with a fun and inviting atmosphere where children can grow as individuals at their own pace. We encourage children’s independence as well as a sense of responsibility and respect towards both people and objects. We believe that it is important to foster a positive self-image and aid in cognitive, emotional, social, and physical developmental growth. Our goal is to help children gain confidence in their skills and abilities and build a love and appreciation for the outdoors and exercise with our natural playground.

TLG’s curriculum meets Rhode Island’s Early Learning Standards while following the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum approach of learning through play. Teachers plan for and set up developmentally appropriate learning centers designed to invite exploration and discovery that meet the goals of the individuals in each classroom. This approach encourages active thinking and hands on experiences to teach kids about the world we live in and teaches them to be inquisitive learners. An important aspect of this approach is building a love of learning so that kids continue to be enthusiastic about their education in the future. Parents receive a monthly newsletter with information regarding what their children will be learning at school along with ideas to enhance this learning at home.

Each classroom has been set up to encourage a variety of experiences that keep children stimulated and engaged throughout the day.  Children learn through their play, so the learning areas in the indoor and outdoor classrooms are designed to promote education in a fun way. All activities are developmentally appropriate and meet each child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs. Teachers will keep a daily sheet to ensure communication with the families about each child’s day. The daily sheet will include information on the child’s health, mood, meal intake, and nap.  

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